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Fig. 1, 2, 3: Typical configuration of a combined reformed and synthesis gas heat recovery system Fig. 3 Fig. 4: Arrangement of a waste heat boiler and steam drum in a hydrogen plant Fig. 5: Two parallel arranged WHBs are operating on one common steam drum in the reformed gas section of a 2,500 MTPD methanol plant 3

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Optimizing methanol production in base chemicals manufacturing. In methanol production, quenching the process gas flowing from the furnaces at very high temperatures is critical. Alfa Laval OLMI process gas waste heat boilers (WHB) and process gas coolers …

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The ability to capture and use this waste heat is known as heat recovery, since the waste heat is recovered and used for other purposes, including heating hot water. Although this process is not new, the benefits of heat recovery are even greater today. The use of heat recovery to …

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FBM Hudson Italiana delivered its first Ammonia Reformed Gas Waste Heat Boiler in the late '60 and since then has strived to expand and improve design capabilities and manufacturing range. In 1998 FBM Hudson Italiana further increased the product competence by acquiring the technology of Babcock Entreprise S.A.of which became the successor.


The Waste Heat Boilers are convective and tail end type horizontal designs, Modular constructed to avoid site welds and long lead time for errection. RAJ have many successful references in large capacities such as 110 TPH steam generation, 110 BAR pressure, 500oC temperature meant for Power generation.

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Waste Heat Boilers Various types and designs Shell and tube exchanger Linked to process Ammonia plant. Waste Heat Boiler Ammonia Plant. Heat Recovery Steam Coil designs, vertical or horizontal Bucket types Steam water separator Boiler water returned to feed tank May include economiser and superheater. Steam Generator - Coil. Basic Boiler


The boilers are equipped with U-tubes and can be mounted both in the vertical as well as in the horizontal positions. methanol plants, hydrogen plants, coal gasification plants, gas-to-liquid plants, nitric acid plants, caprolactam plants, formaldehyde plants, the partial oxidation of oil or natural gas. Reform gas waste heat boiler

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As for a typical example of heat recovery unit, the horizontal waste heat boiler is shown, having an integrated steam collector of mono-block arrangement which is used to cool down process gas in sulphur recovery units.


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Jul 22, 2014 · The reformer 104 utilizes a waste heat as a heating source to transform a the waste heat recovery apparatuses of FIGS. 1A and 1B can be applied in the horizontal boiler, and the waste heat recovery apparatus of FIG. 1C can be applied in the vertical boiler. in the case that the reformer feed of the reformer 104 is a methanol aqueous

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Dec 16, 2020 · In the oxidation unit, heavy oil and VOC are mixed and burnt. At approximately 800°C, VOC is burnt out with yield of more than 97 %. The off gas at 800°C is fed to a waste heat boiler where it generates 1,300 kg/h steam at 8 MPa. The heat transfer gas at 350°C is used for the preheating the feed gas. Figure 22.2.13. Energy recovery unit

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Zhengzhou Boiler CO.; Ltd is a leading industrial horizontal boiler manufacturer and exporter in Henan Province, China, founded in 1945, is a joint-stock enterprise with A1, A2, C3 pressure vessel design and manufacture license permits. We are specialized in the producing of Oil Gas fired boiler,Biomass fired boiler,Coal fired boiler,Chain grate boiler,CFB boiler,Waste heat recovery boiler

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Chemical three wastes mix combustion waste heat boiler is an ideal equipment of high efficiency and energy saving used in fertilizer and chemical (especially methanol, ethanol, methanal, synthesis ammonia ). According to the flue gas waste heat feature, ZBG develops new type vertical and traditional tunnel type horizontal waste heat boiler

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KAVEH METHANOL - Waste Heat Boiler for Methanol Plant - - valveIT. A CFD study on the dust behaviour in a metallurgical waste-heat boiler The heater temperature was varied between 130 and 271 °C, and 4.2–9.5 L of water was in the Lahendong Geothermal power plant site in …

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The characteristics of biomass hot air furnace are mainly rapid heating, good heat transfer effect, without other auxiliary equipment, can directly air to air heat transfer;In order to better meet the needs of Chinese customers, our company has developed a new horizontal boiler on the basis of the original products, adopting a new all-round

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